Registration as an employer

Our expertise, consulting and auditing firm has a dedicated international service line which deals in particular with registration as an employer in France.

GMBA offers you support in this process which implies a solid knowledge of the legislation in force. If you are a foreign company and you seek to develop commercial activity in France by employing one or more staff without creating a stable establishment or company in France.this support will be useful to you.

Your employees may either be on secondment from their country of origin to France retaining the social protection system of their country of origin or become members of the French system and contribute to the French Social Security scheme and to additional social protection schemes under French legislation.


The support of our GMBA experts thus gives you:

  • “Turnkey” registration as an employer in France delegating to us all of your registration formalities with those bodies having responsibility in those areas
  • Assistance in drawing up contracts of employment complying with the provisions set out in the French Employment Code the code de travail and ensuring that they contain those provisions which are specific to French social law
  • Obtaining work permits or residence permits as necessary
  • Drawing up payslips and paying social contributions for employees subject to French social security.


  • Establishing a shadow payroll for employees who are subject to the social security scheme of their country of origin.
  • Deduction and payment of deductions at source of your employees’ income tax,
  • Providing a dedicated bank account to make salary, contributions and income tax retentions at source payments.


Your dedicated team

We put dedicated payroll managers at your service, supported if necessary by our team of HR consultants to guarantee you reliable and quality support. The skills of our international multidisciplinary team dedicated to the International (accountants, tax specialists, lawyers, HR consultants) will be made available to you over time.

Our expertise, based on years of experience in supporting international companies, as well as the technical support of our counterparts who are members of Allinial Global in more than 130 countries, reinforce our added value. Ensuring registration as an employer in France is a service that GMBA can provide to you.