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Discover our international department

We help international groups or a part of an international group to set up operations in France or with France.

Our experts handle accounting, tax, HR, and legal requirements and assist overseas subsidiaries on the practical side of the problems they may have, either in France or abroad.

Our services include :

  • Business incorporation
  • Management of all the accounting and tax obligations of the French branch or subsidiary
  • Bridge between local and foreign GAAP
  • Financial statements, statutory accounts, yearly tax return and SAF-T file for tax authorities
  • Payroll and national insurance contributions
  • Approval of the accounts and other yearly legal requirements
  • Tax, HR and legal compliances
  • Assistance to statutory auditor
  • Assistance to tax and/or social audits
  • Any advisory in tax, accounting, legal, IT, HR/Payroll

An experimented and professional team

An experimented and professional team, fluent in English, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, have been dedicated to international customers. They are ready to answer requests with openness and reactivity. Where a country-specific knowledge is required, we are able to draw on expertise of our fellow network members, present in virtually every country in the world.

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