Corporate Finance Department

For years, GMBA has developed a vast array of expertise, enabling us to offer extensive consulting services in Corporate Finance.

Valuation services

Your needs:

  • You intend to sell your business or acquire a company.
  • You are considering restructuring your capital, you are looking for new shareholders or a strategic partner.
  • You need to evaluate a company in a tax or donation framework.

Our offer:

  • An approach to determine the potential value of the company based on its financial forecast and asset base. We will consider qualitative elements (strengths and weaknesses) and intangible assets such as corporate knowledge and team competencies.
  • We will use a combination of valuation methodologies based on several criteria which will give us a valuation range of the company.
  • We will provide you with an assessment report to assist you in your presentation (to lawyers, banks, investment funds, employees, etc.).

Financial forecasting (Business Plan)

Your needs:

  • You are starting a new business and you need to create financial forecasts.
  • You need to better manage your activity through regular budget forecast updates.
  • You need funds to start a new activity or finance new investments.

Our offer:

  • Analysis of the context by collecting information and interviewing managers to better understand the key elements of your activity.
  • Assumptions on the development of the investments and associated revenues, expenses, and cash-flow over the next 3 to 5 years.
  • Forecast templates that can be regularly updated.
  • Thanks to our network and our knowledge of existing financial aid, we can assist you in sourcing available funding schemes applicable to the project.

Management control

Your needs:

  • You need powerful tools to help you in your daily decisions.
  • You need a better financial vision of your different activities to improve your capacity to negotiate with your partners, improve your pricing and rationalize your costs.

Our offer:

  • A regular and personalized dashboard on Power BI, allowing you to monitor key indicators, available on your phone with live updates.
  • The implementation of cost accounting adapted to the activities, to ensure a more precise vision of the performance of the entity.
  • The development of a complete cost analysis to determine cost prices, rates, and potential financing needs, as well as to control the fixed and variable costs.

Your dedicated  contact

Céline Chicot

Partner, head of corporate finance

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