International Mobility

Many groups trading internationally will have staff working on assignments away from their home country, raising issues of inpatriate/expatriate tax, with both employers and employees in need of advice and assistance with compliance obligations.

Our expertise covers assistance with the followings.

Inpatriates and assignees in France

  • Entrance meetings with newly arrived individuals to explain how they will be affected by tax and social systems in France and to advise them on any personal financial planning measures from which they might benefit
  • Review of labour contracts to ensure they are compliant with the French Labour Law
  • Advice on a specific impact regime
  • Preparation of tax equalization calculation in line with the Group policy
  • Payroll
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Dealing with any other filings with which they will need to comply during their stay
  • Exit meetings at the end of secondment including submission of tax returns


  • Preparation of departure tax return
  • Dealing with any other filings required by the French authorities with regards to the departure
  • Advice on specific social insurance schemes for expatriates
  • Impact of assets kept in France in terms of tax

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Christine Raffray

Senior Tax consultant, International mobility specialist

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