Giga Gogia

Fonction : Corporate Finance Consultant

With degrees in finance from NEOMA Business School and Management of Private and Public Sectors from HEC Montréal, I garnered a deep understanding of the intricate weave of financial and politico-economic forces prevalent in the business landscape.

Starting my journey at Banque de France, I developed a keen insight into corporate strategies. This formative experience ignited a desire to transition from analyzing companies to actively assisting them in realizing their strategic objectives, a passion that found its home at GMBA, where I joined as a Corporate Finance consultant in 2021.

In our collaborative environment at GMBA, we dive into substantial transactional assignments, engaging in the orchestration of business acquisitions and disposals. We thus perform financial due diligences, buy-side and sell-side. We also create precise financial forecasts and establish performance dashboards with Business Intelligence tools, all aiming to enhance business efficiency.

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