Christine Raffray

Fonction : Project Director | Trainer

A chartered accountant by training, I have been GMBA’s director of expertise, consultancy and audit assignments since 2008.

With two years’ experience as an accounting and finance manager in an SME and then in a corporate environment (with Exerasme – Deloitte InExtenso Group), I help a wide range of professionals in both the commercial and voluntary sectors to analyse the financial aspects of their activities.

I regularly design and run information sessions on very specific topics relating to understanding accounts, operational management of a company and taxation; topics on which I also speak at conferences and trade fairs. I have also obtained a professional certificate as an adult trainer from the Fédération de la Formation Professionnelle (FFP).

I am a technical advisor for GMBA’s “Consulting & Training” service line and also act as an advisor on the taxation of international mobility.

My sectoral expertise :

  • Associations
  • Music industry
  • Performing arts
  • International Affairs Tax & Mobility

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